Honey Singh’s Tunes Been High On Demand This Festive Season


Honey Singh has definitely made us groove on all his songs which are going high on demand with the festive season all around. With Christmas and new years, Honey Singh’s tunes are a by default song that are on everybody’s playlist!

The pop singer is known for his peppy tracks which are immensely popular and are being played mostly at all parties as party anthems be it private parties, clubs, events and even weddings for that matter! Tracks like Thalaiva, Manali Trance, Blue Eyes, Party All Night, Desi Kalakar seem to create the party atmosphere just right for the consumers. Infact DJ’s have created a mashup of all his popular tracks!

Although the pop star himself is planning to make some new songs this festive season, Honey who is otherwise lying low and is coping up with the bipolar disorder has started work on his new songs and partially had a working Christmas.

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Moreover Honey’s New Year plans are work in progress and wants to bring in the new year with his family members and close friends!

Honey recently had celebrated Diwali with his family back in Delhi. Moreover recently, Mika Singh shared that the Bollywood industry needs fresh pop singers because they bring fresh energy.When we talk about fresh energy, the first name who pops in the minds of the audience is Honey Singh!

Now we know why Honey Singh‘s track have a solid connect with the listeners!