Hrithik Roshan Enjoying Being Single?


Hritik 01[tps_footer]Hrithik Roshan broke a million hearts when he dawned on the film industry only to get taken away by Susanne Roshan. But things are different now. He is in the middle of getting a divorce and that makes him? Yes you are right, single and up for grabs!

Hrithik Roshan too has suddenly warmed to this changed status in his life and is apparently taking it well. As reported by a tabloid, recently, he went clubbing with his friends. A group of girls spotted him and squealed. They also screamed that he is single.

According to sources, Hrithik Roshan was taken aback at that thought. We don’t think that’s wrong. Thirteen years of being married; it becomes a habit we are sure. So the actor apparently took some time to get used to the fact that he is single again. Once he did so, he joined in on the fun.

Well, Hrithik Roshan is single and from now on, the world is his playground now. Let’s see if he turns into a player or settles for love, yet again. Till then all you guys out there here’s a good boy you can swoon over.[/tps_footer]