Here Is Why Hrithik Roshan Felt Honored!!


Recently a Malayalam film ‘Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan‘ was released and the interesting bit of the news is that the film is titled after Hrithik Roshan.

The movie has also emerged as one of the highest opening films of Malayalam film industry. The news has created an immesne buzz around! Infact the film successfully raked in 3.2 crores on it opening day itself!

The quintessential point here is that for the first time a regional film is named after a Bollywood star. This directly conveys the stardom of the actor across markets!

The film revolves around an aspiring actor named Hrithik Roshan played by Vishnu Unnikrishnan, who hails from a village called Kattapanna and yearns to become a superstar like Hrithik Roshan as he is inspired by him.The film is doing very good down south!

When Hrithik Roshan was asked how he felt when it came to his knowledge that a film was titled after his name and isnpirede by his success, an exulted Hrithik Roshan said,”I am honored”

Hrithik further added,”I was not aware of the movie till a lot of people on my twitter timeline started talking about it. I am curious and intrigued. I am being told that its been done well, so I would like to congratulate the makers“.

Even the makers of the film want to come to Mumbai and show the film to Hrithik Roshan.