Hrithik Roshan Gets Miffed And Losses His Cool On Sets Of Mohenjo Daro!

Hrithik-ROshan-02[tps_footer]Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is making headlines over his ugly spat with ex Kangana Ranaut and with the latest update ‘Mohenjo Daro’ star had lost his cool on a photographer. It seems the actor is getting embroiled in lots of controversies nowadays.


Hrithik was shooting a climax scene of the film in Mumbai while the tabloid newspaper’s photographer Raju Shelar managed to take some exclusive pictures of the actor, which left him annoyed. The shooting of the film was going since 11 am in the morning and reportedly the actor was shooting the most prominent scenes of the film where he was fighting with the villain.

After Hrithik’s bodyguard caught the photographer clicking pictures secretly, the photographer’s camera was taken away and was handed over to the actor who then took it away in his vanity van. The actor then asked the photographer to wait till his shoot completes.


Post shooting of the film, the Bang Bang actor slammed the photographer for clicking pictures. The photographer tried to explain that he was doing his job, but the actor was in no mood to let go and put the camera in his car. He asked him to collect it the next day in the morning at 11.

When the photographer reached the actor’s Juhu residence next day to collect his camera, he was made to wait for long hours and then insisted on speaking to his boss. The actor asked for an apology, but the tabloid retorted saying that they would file a police complaint if the camera would not be returned. If the report in Mumbai Mirror is to be believed, the tabloid did get in touch with Thane Police Commissioner, but minutes after that Hrithik asked to take the camera back.[/tps_footer]