Hrithik Roshan And Jacqueline Fernandez Bond Over Dance


Trust Hrithik Roshan to redefine suaveness and charisma in every possible way and Jacqueline Fernandez to ooze oomph at every given opportunity.

The combination of this gorgeous looking pair will without a doubt deliver an electrifying results.

Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez recently shot for an ad commercial.

Both the actors are known for their powerful dancing skills and have popularized several dance moves.

Jacqueline Fernandez andHrithik Roshan during their recent shoot bonded over dance.

They spoke at length about their love for dance.

They discussed how they wish they could honestly invest more time on it on training because it is very therapeutic.

They shared how dance has grown and it’s definition in Hindi cinema.

Spokesperson ofJacqueline Fernandez shares, “Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline are known to captivate the audience with their dancing prowess. At their recent brand shoot, they spoke at length about their love for dance.”

The commercial has build excitement among their fans who are keen to see them sizzle together on screen.