Hrithik Roshan To Launch His Own Workout Regime


Hrithik Roshan along with his fitness brand, HRX has collaborated with CureFit, a healthcare startup to launch a workout regime which is his own to be available at CureFit’s gym centers, CULT.

Termed “The HRX Workout”, it is a specific workout which draws inspiration from the regime personally followed by Hrithik Roshan.

It is designed by Hrithik in conjunction with his fitness trainer Mustafa Ahmed.

What’s interesting is that this launch would open up opportunities for all the fans of Hrithik to work towards making a body like his.

Hrithik & Mustafa will be training a bunch of other trainers to impart the definite knowledge, technique and philosophy endorsed by this workout to fitness enthusiasts in CULT centers.

Mustafa shares, “Hrithik’s intent has always been to serve his fans and the people who wanted to know about his physique, fitness regime and his lifestyle to stay healthy. HRX is his higher purpose in life and through this initiative, he hopes he can share with people all his learning in the gym and living a healthy lifestyle”

The workout seeks inspiration from animal moves, mobility, primal moves etc. It will majorly focus on improving range of motion, full body strength, and core activation.

It is a three-level course which will be available for trained as well as untrained fitness lovers from the next month.

Ever since Hrithik made his debut, he has been regarded as a Fitness icon and the news of such a unique opportunity is only an additional treat to all the people who look up him for fitness goals