Why Did Hrithik Roshan Not File FIR Against Imposter In 2014? -Kangana Ranaut’s Advocate

Hrithik-&-Kangana[tps_footer]Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s legal teams are at loggerheads. The two stars who got entangled in a war of words are now fighting a never-ending legal battle. After the emails sent by Kangana were exposed, the actress’ lawyer urged that the emails were unverified and were false. The emails surely hinted that Hrithik is innocent and that all the emails were directed to the imposter and not him.


After all the allegations and emails, Kangana’s lawyer has now questioned Hrithik that why he did not file an FIR in the year 2014 itself when he came to know about the imposter. Kangana’s lawyer recently shared that sister Rangoli had complained of the imposter to Hrithik and had also told the actor that they could file a joint complaint against the same.

Kangana Ranaut’s lawyers are now pointing the Bang Bang actor as to why he did not take any action for the same. The Queen actress’ sister Rangoli had accused Hrithik Roshan of having a relationship with Kangana and also urged that Roshan had hacked Kangana’s email id.


After all these allegations the case has become all the more complicated. Kangana’s lawyer also shared that Hrithik never denied openly that he had no relationship with Kangana. It is known that Hrithik Roshan had filed a complaint at the Cyber Cell after many of his friends and fans told him about his various interactions. That is when the angle of imposter was revealed.

The recent reports after the investigations state that an imposter was involved in all these emails and Hrithik was not the one who was interacting with the actress.

Now what turn will this case take is yet to be seen.[/tps_footer]

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