Hrithik Roshan’s Cryptic Post Leaves Netizens Guessing


Tuesday evening had Superstar Hrithik Roshan posting a cryptic tweet, “अब राजा का बेटा राजा नहीं बनेगा…” that left Twitterati in a frenzy.

Hrithik Roshan tweet led to a barrage of guesses by netizens who wondered what the Superstar was implying.

Here’s what the netizens had to say –

Minutes later, Hrithik Roshan also took to other social media platforms replicating his thoughts in a creative.

Hrithik Roshan’s social media posts gave fodder for thought to his 50+ million followers across social media.

His post not only created immense intrigue but also has his fans excited for a treat from the Superstar.