I Added An Indian Rhythm To Leave The Country’s Mark On The International Kumite 1 League: Asif Panjwani


Music Composer Asif Panjwani who created the theme Music for ‘Kumite 1 League’ says he added an Indian rhythm to leave the country’s mark on the International League.

Asif Panjwani interacted with media before the inauguration of ‘Kumite 1 League’ on Thursday.

When talking about the Signature track for the ‘Kumite 1 League’ and his process of creation, Panjwani said, “What I have tried to do is give the theme music an Indian rhythm. I was given reference to work on based on what kind of music their overall audience prefers. Even if it has a strong western beat you will be able to hear the Indian rhythm to the track whichh will remind you of title track from Sultan and Dangal. Since the composer is Indian and the track will be heard abroad also I wanted to leave India’s mark in the theme music.”

When asked how it felt to create music for an international event at the early stage of his career he said, “I feel very proud, it is a big deal to get a chance to work on a platform like this. And to work on something that will be associated with Mike Tyson is a treat in its own way. I have been a fan of him, he really inspires me to stay fit and hit the gym. And my feeling very easily came out into the music that I created for the league because it will also be for Mike Tyson. I will also get the chance to meet him.”

Mike Tyson will visit India for the ‘Kumite 1 League’ mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament to be held here on September 29. The former world champion boxer will mentor the MMA event.

On his future projects Asif said, “I am currently preparing myself to venture into Bollywood music. I would love to work on romantic and sad melodies. I have been working for feature films and TV shows right now. There isn’t much I can say until it is officially announced and hopefully there will be one soon.”

Kumite 1 League will pit the top mixed martial arts talent from India against the top talent from the UAE in a night graced by legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson.