“I Was One Jerk Away From Permanent Paralysis”: Debutant Actor Rahul Sharma’s Journey Will Leave You Awestruck


To be a successful actor, one certainly needs a lot of talent and hard work. However, it cannot be denied that physical attributes make an important role in shaping up the career of a performer. Moreover, the ability to pull off stunts and high-octane action sequences is of primary importance if one wants to play lead roles in Bollywood. But, if you think that people struggling with major health conditions do not stand a chance, Rahul Sharma’s journey is all the inspiration you will ever need.

All set to make his debut with Rajiv S Ruia’s thriller, X-Ray: The Inner Image, Rahul nurtured the dream of being an actor since his early teens and started auditioning for roles as soon as he started college. On the morning of an important audition, his sister noticed that his neck was tilted at an awkward angle and further investigations revealed that Rahul was suffering from bone tuberculosis. And that wasn’t all, the doctor further warned him that even a tiny jerk could leave him paralyzed for life.

But, Rahul was not ready to give up on his dream and persisted. He started the treatment and continued juggling auditions with his college curriculum. Recounting those years, Rahul said, “Any sensation near my neck, even a drop of water, would cause excruciating pain. For two years, I had to sleep in a sitting position, and due to lack of exercise, I put on 20 Kgs. But, I was not ready to give up my dream, and family stood by my side, supporting me all the way. It wasn’t easy, but one can do anything with willpower. I refused to live a life on a bed as my dreams were waiting for me.”

After years of struggle, not only did the actor overcome the disease, he also shed the weight and hit the gym with a vengeance. Even before the release of his first film, he has a loyal fan following, and people vouch by his fitness and diet videos. His debut movie, X-Ray, also has some interesting stunts which he did without using a body double.
X-Ray is scheduled to release in a few months.