Inder Kumar’s Ex-Wife Sonal Kariya Makes Some SHOCKING Revelations!

inder kumar ex wife isha koppikar

Inder Kumar’s ex-wife Sonal makes some revelations about their bad marriage and his relationship with actress Isha Koppikar.

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar, popular known for playing supporting roles in the films, left for heavenly abode on July 28. Inder Kumar, who was just 43, succumbed to a heart attack at his residence at Four Bungalows, Andheri in Mumbai. It is being said that the actor’s failed career and financial problems are the reasons that led to his death.

Inder Kumar’s first wife Sonal Kariya, now Sonal Padiya, who is happily settled in her second marriage, reveals why she parted ways with Inder Kumar.

In an interview with, Sonal reveals, ”He couldn’t forget Isha Koppikar. I think it was a case of ‘first love cannot be forgotten’. At times, he used to tell me that he is going to meet her. I even told him to get her home sometimes, but he did not. I think he was in touch with her even after we divorced each other. He wouldn’t show it too much and he didn’t tell me either- but I could sense that he couldn’t shake off Isha from his mind. Main shaadi ke time bhi suna tha that he hasn’t forgotten Isha but I ignored that hearsay.”

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She further added saying that how his habits of having alcohol and drugs made their marriage tough for a living. When asked if she tried getting Inder Kumar out of consuming harmful substances, Sonal said, ”Of course, I did. I tried every trick in the book to cleanse him up- but nothing worked. He was also very frustrated because films were not happening to him. He was in his own world for a large part of the day.”

Inder Kumar also has a daughter Khushi, 12, from his first marriage with Sonal. When asked if Inder Kumar was in touch with his daughter, Sonal revealed, ”Not at all. I had moved out from his life when I was pregnant. I informed him that he has become a father to a girl but he was least interested, he didn’t even respond to that message.”

Sonal, who thinks Inder and her were not destined to remain together, says she is in touch with his current wife Pallavi Sarraf only on social media and that she is too nice as a person.

Sonal Padiya says, ”Well, we are friends on Facebook if that’s what you call ‘in touch’. Whenever I post Khushi’s pictures, she always ‘likes’ them. She seems to be a nice lady. At the end of it all, I would still say that Inder too was nice. I guess, we were just not destined to remain together. Jo ho gaya so ho gaya. I am definitely sad that Inder is no more. May his soul rest in peace.”

To people who don’t know, actress Isha Koppikar was in a relationship with Inder Kumar for close to a decade before they parted ways.

Inder Kumar was one of the promising talents but due to some accident, he was asked to bed rest for three years after which his career took a jolt.

The Masoom film actor, who was last seen Yeh Dooriyaan (2011) was currently preparing for his next comedy film, ‘Phati Padi Hai Yaar’.