Injured Shraddha Kapoor Is Learning Dance Postures


shraddha kShraddha Kapoor is preparing for her next ABCD 2. The actress is training hard for this film in which she plays a dancer.

Shraddha has intensive practice sessions as she has to master various dance styles for this film. While learning an extremely difficult move, a split for one of the sequences, she injured herself.

Shraddha Kapoor got a muscle pull and was in a lot of pain. She was immediately taken care of and is currently undergoing physiotherapy sessions. She has been advised to take rest for 2 weeks at least.

The pretty actress is currently undergoing physiotherapy and so cannot move out of the house too much. So with time on hand, she has decided to make most of it and has been on a movie marathon of sorts. She has been watching a lot of movies across different genres.

The actress who essays the role of a dancer in her next film is also investing her time in watching a lot of dance videos to watch and learn techniques, postures and styling which are very important aspects for a dancer.

She has been taking suggestions from her friends on which movies she should watch.

Her role in ABCD2 is very different from what the audiences have seen her. It’s a very challenging role and she is getting a chance to learn a lot.

Shraddha is keen to get back on her feet as soon as possible so that she can get going with her training.

Says Shraddha Kapoor “I guess it was a result of over enthusiasm which led to a partial muscle tear. I guess I have to be a lot more careful while rehearsing because it is very important to understand your body and how much you can push it. But I love dancing so much that I’m praying this injury heals quickly.”