Interview: Rajkummar Rao Speaks About Trapped, His Fear And More!


Bollywood’s most talented actor and the national award winning actor, Rajkummar Rao has always left audience awestruck with his impeccable acting skills and it seems, he is all set with another such performance in Trapped. The actor has once again proved that he does not need a big banner to impress the audience as his acting speaks alone.

‘Trapped’ was screened at Mumbai film festival and it received a standing ovation for the film!  The film will hit the theatres on March 17th.

In an exclusive interview with Business Of, Rajkummar Rao speaks up about the film his fear and more.

Snippets from the interview:

Is this a claustrophobic film according to you?

I won’t say that it’s a claustrophobic film. People can, People might feel though those who feel very claustrophobic then it might be a claustrophobic film. But for me, it’s actually very entertaining film also. I think different people will react to it in different ways. But for me, I also find lots of entertainment through this film as it’s funny at the moment. But overall it’s a scary experience.

 What if you are stuck at an apartment in real life?

If I was stuck in real life, probably now I know it much better than what I like and what I shouldn’t do. So, I might survive slightly better. (Laughs)

How excited are you for the film’s release and audience reaction?

As we have got a good buzz about the trailer. People are excited and curious about the film. Some people are saying that Rajkummar is playing a ghost in the film, some are saying it’s just dream or something some are like he has a phone so why he don’t call someone it means people wants to know. It’s very different film very unique concept. Nobody has ever attempted to make a film like this worldwide. Like somebody who is stuck in an apartment right in the middle of a city. So, I hope that people will come and watch this film and like it. I am very proud of it.

What fear you in real life?

I am slightly afraid of heights, but after this film, I don’t know about that also. (Laughs)