Tisca Chopra: It Was Delightful To Work With Aamir Khan


Tisca-Chopra[tps_footer]Tisca Chopra is fondly known for her role in Taare Zaamen Par, where she essayed the role of Darhseel Safari‘s mother. She was critically acclaimed for her role. She was also seen in Main aur Charles. Not only films but Tisca is famous on Television too. She is known for her versatile acting and is a theatre artsist too. Last she was seen in Ghayal Once Again as Sheetal Bhansal. Her next upcoming movie is 3 Dev in which she will be seen in a new comic avtar.

1) Gayal Once again was unstopabble at the Box Office with huge response, how was the success celebration among the whole team?
Ans: We still haven’t celebrated the success. We are still waiting to celebrate the success. Thanks for reminding me, I will call up Sunny and ask him about the success Party.


2) How was you experience of working with Sunny Deol in Ghayal Once Again?
Ans: It was an amazing experience. He is so warm and affectionate. He is totally different from what he appears on screen. He is so knowledgeable about everything. I had to play a role of the most richest woman in the world and he used to guide me with that. He had knowledge about Yellow diamonds, most expensive brands,etc. We used to share our food. It was indeed a pleasure working with him.

3) Ma’am you have worked with Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol? How was your experience working with them?
Ans: It was a delightful experience while working with Aamir. He is a perfectionist, everything was organised very well and I really loved shooting with him. Sunny was sweet, kind and gentle. We really had a good time on the sets of Ghayal Once Again.

4) For the first time you will break that image of doing serious rols by doing a full-on comedy film 3 Dev”. Can you please eleborate on it it?
Ans: I am really excited to do this film. It is a different genre of film and I am really happy to be a part of this film.


5) Can you tell us something about the film and the character you are playing in it?
Ans: 3 Dev is similar to Oh My God and P.K. It is all about state and Idea about god. I am playing a simple woman from small town. It will be funny and will give out a message too.

6) Any actor from Bollywood that you have dream to work with?
Ans: Yes, lots of actors. I would like to work with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor. I would like to work with director Shakun Batra. All these young actors are really talented.

7) Describe your overall experience while working for Ghayal Once Again?
Ans: It was a lavish film. Very comfortable in terms of shooting. Director exactly knew what he wanted. We dint have any problems while shooting. Shooting was smooth and fun. So everything was perfect and I enjoyed shooting for the film.

8) Nowadays most of the actors are planning to turn either directors or producer, do you have any sort of such plan in future?
Ans: Yes absolutely Though I have not thought anything about it. But I would definitely like to produce/direct films.

9) Your Dream role?
Ans: There are too many. I would really like to play a cop in one of my films.

10) Ma’am since you are a theatre artist, how different is theater from our commercial cinema?
Ans: Theatre is not at all commercial. Theatre is basically for those who love acting. It is like a Paatshala for acting. You learn a lot while doing theatre. I had done won theatre play Dinner With Friend. We had gone to perform in Dubai, Singapore and we performed in India as well. The experience was unusual. There was almost no high. The play was a great success.

World television premiere of Ghayal Once Again will be telecasted on 26th June only Zee cinema at 8.30 Pm.[/tps_footer]