Intolerance Row: Kapil Sharma Joins The Debate But Has A Different Approach Altogether!

Kapil-Sharma[tps_footer]Kapil Sharma is all set to tickle the funny bones once again with his new show The Kapil Sharma Show. After having an ugly end to Comedy Nights With Kapil, the stand-up comedian is now ready with a new format for his comedy show. The beloved television star recently was asked to comment on the topic of intolerance in the country.


The intolerance debate has been much in headlines lately, many stars gave their views about the same and some even landed in a deep hassle. Kapil Sharma who is always at his funny best has an altogether different approach to this serious issue, the star said, “See, it’s just a word. Had you heard about this word earlier? I think it has been made famous by these social media trolls and the news that follows it.”


The adored actor also said that the term intolerance was identical to his Babaji ka thullu. The amazing celebrity further said, “I am telling you, make fun of this word (intolerance). People should not take everything so seriously. There needs to be a scope for humour — healthy humour.”

He added, “A kind of humour that doesn’t compel your parents to flip channels while watching TV with you.” Seems like, Kapil wants to connect everything with humor which is a good thing. The celebrated artist will be seen in the show The Kapil Sharma Show. The show will feature some of the major characters from the previous one. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen as the first guest on the show.[/tps_footer]