J.P. Singhal: Another Bollywood Legend Passes Away


j.p.singal mainFrom Raj Kapoor to Nagris; Rekha to Sri Devi, Salman Khan to Abhishek Bachchan, everyone has had the privilege to be captured by this ace craftsmen, J.P. Singhal, who recently passed away.

J.P. Singhal, born in 1934 was one of the most respected artists in the Indian art world. Born in a small village in Northern India he began painting at the tender age of sixteen in a culture and society where painting was not considered a good enough profession.

As time passed by, from painting he took on to photography and a lot of this credit goes to the Late Show Man Raj Kappor who pushed him to get into film photography and publicity. His first assignment was Raj Kapoor‘s Satyam Shivam Sundaram and from there there was no looking back.

J. P. Singhal was the real man’s artist, a popular artist who brought a little bit of the real India into every home in the country.

The moment J. P. Singhal’s photographs came into the public eye, he began getting offers to design and shoot publicity campaigns for the Indian Film Industry.

J. P. Singhal did films like Tezaab, Border, Gajja Gamini, Benaras, well the list is endless. Many of today’s superstars shot to fame with his click.

J. P. Singhal was know for his distinct style, a way of making the subject seem unbelievably beautiful in a heartbreakingly romantic way. This talent made him a trend and it was said that if one wanted to become a star, they went to J. P. Singhal for their photographs. Actors, actresses, directors, producers all flocked around him and he began the second phase of his career, that of the photographer.

A creative genius as we would like to call J. P. Singhal, moved on from photography to graphic designing and digital imaging. J. P. Singhal was the first studio in the country to turn completely Mac oriented back in the 80’s when people still called it Macintosh.

Today he is no more, but then his body of work stays, stays to inspire lots of people who dare to dream.

May his soul rest in peace.