Jacqueline Fernandez Shares A Whatsapp Chat With Her Cat


Trust Jacqueline Fernandez to share on social media with her creativity. Marking the festival of colours, Jacqueline shared a message straight out of her cat’s mouth (quite literally!).

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is known to share insights from her life on social media regularly. On the occasion of Holi, Jacqueline shared a unique post with a thought-provoking message.

The actress, who is known to be a pet lover, also pets a cat named Miu Miu.

Wishing Holi to her fans, Jacqueline shared a serious message of the perils of the festivals for animals, in a unique post.

Jacqueline Fernandez shared a conversation she had with her pet cat Miu Miu, the dialogue that was put to context over a Whatsapp Chat with Miu Miu brought to the forefront the concerns the festival brings to animals.

The video led to a Whatsapp conversation unfolding between Jacqueline and Miu Miu, who expressed that Holi for her was not as Happy as it was for Humans.

Miu Miu further explaining her fears shared with her loving owner, Jacqueline that she feared being coloured and thrown water balloons at.

When assured by Jacqueline, that she would not colour or wet Miu Miu, a thought-provoking question was posed, ‘But what about the pets without owners?’

Along with the visual message, Jacqueline posted a message that read, “Hope this festival of colours brings positivity and joy in our lives !! Be safe & be responsible this Holi   and spare a thought for your furry friends on the street  “