This Is What Jennifer Winget Gifts Herself On Her Birthday And It Will Make You Jealous

Jennifer Winget a.k.a Maya Of Beyhadh Puts Kerosene Over Herself And Lights A Match

Jennifer Winget turns 32 today but she is has never been scared of turning old.

The TV actress Jennifer Winget is celebrating her 32nd birthday today. She is currently working for Sony TV’s show Beyhadh. Her character of Maya is being loved by the people. As she celebrates her birthday today, she shares how she feels about turning old.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, she says, “Growing older takes remarkably little effort. You wake up one morning and it just sort of happens! So there’s not much you can do about age, worse having to worry about it. Being part of a huge family, my television family included, there’s always someone older than you who is living life by example. It’s no secret that growing up can be fun and age shouldn’t ever have to matter if you’ve kept the zest to the pursuit of your dreams still intact. When you’re in the right place, with the right people and energy around, it is a cruise that keeps you from going down that route.”

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She added on saying, “My best birthday memories are of my dad decorating my room before I would wake up and me wanting to change my birth date as it would fall during the summer holidays. I always wanted to spend it with school friends and this was almost never possible because of the holidays. Over the years I’ve always had the best times at some of the craziest parties with my family and closest friends. This year, however, it’s going to be a working birthday with my Beyhadh (TV show) family.”

Finally revealing her birthday gift, she excitedly says, “I gifted myself a car.”

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