‘Jism 2’ Songs Are Not Copied: Composer


MUMBAI: Debutant music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee denies all allegations of the tittle track “Yeh Jism” from Pooja Bhatt’s film “Jism 2” being  a copy of a Turkish song.

“I don’t care about these rumours. There is some similarity in the beginning of three more songs but these things happen. It was not a conscious decision to copy. This song is totally different,” said Mukherjee,

A doctor by profession, Mukherjee left Kolkata four years ago and came to Mumbai with a dream of making music for Bollywood. It is very important to get the ‘right break’ in the industry, says Mukherjee. “It often happens that you make songs for a film but due to some reasons, the movie does not get made. It happened to me thrice. This is very common,” he added.

Coming from a highly educated family, Mukherjee reveals he is the only one with ‘just one degree’ but says his family supported him throughout. “They always trusted me and I have never let them down. But they do get impatient at times. In our field, there is no guaranteed success. So, as parents they are concerned and sometimes get worried,” he said. But he never doubted his ability to make good music during his struggle and “I was always sure that I am going to make it. I believe in my songs and ability”.