Jodie Foster’s Money Monster With George Clooney

George Clooney Jodie Foster

George [tps_footer]George Clooney is one man who refuses to age. Hand him any role, and he manages to make it handsome and beautiful. Now he will soon be taken into hostage. Relax, we don’t mean in reality but in a film. In Tristar Pictures’ Money Monster, Clooney will pay the price of being the star of Wall Street.

The film is about a common man who loses all his family’s fortunes on a bad tip and to avenge it, he holds Clooney as hostage. In fact, Clooney here plays the anchor of a hit show which also is taken as a hostage by this man. The latter forces Clooney’s character to up the stocks before the market opens next day or face dire and deadly consequences. His wish is fulfilled with everyone watching it on Television.

A Jodie Foster-directed thriller that will star George Clooney and according to reports, the film will be made on a budget of $30 million and also has Jodie Foster in the lead. The story definitely sounds interesting and with Clooney at the helm of it, it will definitely make for a good watch. Let’s how the film shapes up eventually. [/tps_footer]