Juhi Chawla Reveals How Shah Rukh Khan Helped Her In Her Tough Times!

Shah Rukh Khan Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan gave many blockbusters to the Bollywood industry. Just like Kajol and Shah Rukh, Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan were one of the most loved on-screen couples of Bollywood. The two would create magic on the screen together. They became close friends while shooting for their several films together. Recently, Juhi Chawla opened up on an emotional note on how Shah Rukh Khan helped her when she lost her mother.

When I Lost My Mother –

Juhi told in an interview to Hindustan Times, “I lost my mother while shooting for Duplicate. We had reached Prague and it was Karan’s [Johar] birthday the next day, so my mother and I bought a gift for him.”

My Mother Left For A Walk & Never Came Back –

”Next morning, before I went for the shoot, she left for a walk and never came back. It was very traumatic because just a day before we had reached there and three days later, after she met with an accident, we were bringing her back in a coffin. It was devastating for me.”

Shah Rukh Consoled Me –

“Shah Rukh was the person who consoled me, as he had seen his parents pass away before that and knew the pain of losing a parent. So, he was trying to make me laugh and forget things.”

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I Went Through The Mourning Period –

”I went through the mourning period but then I realised that the only way to come around back to life was to go back to work and I did go back for Duplicate and Yes Boss- both were with Shah Rukh.”

I Would Look Forward To Meet Shah Rukh –

”I would look forward to the day because I knew I’d see him [SRK] there and somehow he’ll be fun and I’ll forget for that while what has happened and be okay with it as a bad dream.”

Shah Rukh Was Special –

”So in a way, he was special because he could just help me through that very difficult time of my life. So I have bitter sweet memories of this film.”

I Wasn’t Sure About Duplicate –

“I was in two minds because my character was not really doing anything substantial in the film. It was a sweet role but there was nothing to make me jump at.”

When SRK Made Me Say ‘Yes’ To Duplicate –

”I remember I was working with Shah Rukh in Yes Boss (1997) at that time and after the shooting, we were at some bungalow in Mumbai when he sat me down and gave me a whole lecture for more than an hour on why I should be doing the film [Duplicate].”

When I Agreed –

”After sitting and listening to him for so long, I was like ‘okay, fine, maybe it’s not so bad and I am not looking at it correctly’, so that’s how I agreed to then do the film.”

How Shah Rukh Helped Everyone –

“He would be very helpful. Even the director and producer would feel reassured that Shah Rukh is there, so things would go fine. He will work out the scenes, will help write and rehearse them.”

Karan Johar Was Also There –

“If ever we felt that a scene wasn’t written well, Karan would actually sit down and write it for us. He wasn’t really assisting in the film but he was always around on the sets.” Juhi Chawla added, ”He’s very gifted with scenes, especially those involving high profile people, so there were quite a few that he helped us with.”

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