Watch: Kabali In Town


With the movie Kabali premiering on Sunday, 20th November, 1 pm, Star Gold took another step into creating one of the most disruptive campaigns yet. Building buzz around the fact that Kabali might just be in Aamchi Mumbai, they campaigned across the city of Mumbai in a not-so-inconcspicuous white limousine that may or may not have played host to Rajnikanth.
The activity began at the airport where 2 bouncers dressed in the traditional mundu and white shirts held Kabali placards and welcomed him to Mumbai. Several people around the airport caught onto this and the craze began there. Is Kabali really in Mumbai?

Kabali In MumbaiMoving from there to Dharavi, the white limousine got the attention of a crowd of people around there as well. TheRajini Rap playing in the background, the host of Rajinikanth fans in the area just kept trying their level best to impress the man who just might have been watching them from the car.

Kabali at DharaviWith several activities being performed by some of his biggest fans across the city, they tried their level best to live up to the Rajini Swag through some of his signature moves. People of all ages tried their best to impress the superstar.

Kabali at Carter RoadBut where was he really going? Traveling across the city of Mumbai, the surprise factor just kept building with people from all over wondering what Kabali was doing in Mumbai. The activity ended at the Star India Office in Lower Parel with the white limousine stopping at the main door.

Kabali at Star IndiaThe grand culmination to the activity was every single one of the people who participated in the activity being featured in a super boomerang video on the Star Gold Facebook page.

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