Kalki Koechlin Comes To Sayani Gupta’s Rescue!

Kalki-[tps_footer]Sayani Gupta‘s debut in Indian cinema was in a path breaking film like Margarita With A Straw.

While the movie released a while back, she has developed a great friendship with her co-star Kalki Koechlin who she often turns to for advice on personal and professional front.


There came a day in Sayani’s life where she had to choose between two very important films (Jagga Jasoos and FAN ). In a state of totally dilemma she made a call to Kalki who advised her into taking up both the projects without worrying too much and that everything will fall in place eventually.

Talking about her friendship with Kalki Koechelin and the bond they share, Sayani explains ,
“She has been a massive support system. We are very alike in our thinking and have a similar kind of background, theatre, hence our approach towards work is also similar. Although she is ten times more hard working than I am. One thing that I want to learn from her is time management. She manages to do so much film work, theatre, writing, directing, events, photo shoots all at the same time so beautifully.


One of the biggest dilemmas as an actor I face is managing dates. When I was confirmed for Fan, I had already packed dates for Jagga and another film for Dharma that eventually didn’t Take off. I called Kalki Koechelin for advice and she said “say Yes to everything, one or the other will get pushed, If not all!” And true that, one film never began and i was totally able to manage dates for Fan and Jagga is still on. I will always remember that advice[/tps_footer]