Kangana Ranaut Finally REACTS On Hrithik Roshan’s Insulting Tweet About Her!


[tps_footer]It seems alleged ex-lovers’ Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s cold war is nowhere going to end soon. After Kangana Ranaut started war of words by calling Hrithik Roshan indirectly her ‘silly ex’, the ‘Bang Bang‘ actor tweeted back saying things like he’d rather “date the pope.”


Off late, at a recent launch event, the actress was asked to comment over Hrithik’s tweet. To which she calmly replied saying, “This isn’t the right platform to talk.”

Well the actress ignored to answer at that moment, but has finally expressed on Hrithik Roshan’s humiliating and mean tweet, which was assumed it was for her.

In an interview with a leading daily, Kangana Ranaut revealed, “I’m not sure it (Twitter message) was targeted at me, but even if it was, I can’t question someone else’s feeling. I have nothing to say about that, but generally speaking, when it comes to human emotions and equations, there are no rules. You never know why one fine day you wake up with a desire for a certain somebody. Or one day, you stop wanting it. Everyone should follow their instinct, and it is not about who is right or wrong.”


“Having said that, I feel when two people amicably decide to end an equation, they must give it a dignified closure and stick to it. I take a lot of time to put an end to a relationship, but when I leave it behind… it is over. It is very disturbing when others don’t follow it. I never mourn over my past men, as there are so many around (laughs). I’ve never begged a man to stay after he has decided to move on. I have been dumped and rejected so many times, but it has never shattered my confidence. I know there is always another story around the corner. There is always a man better than the one before.”

Well, with her smart stance, we wait to catch what Hrithik Roshan has to react on the same!