Kangana Ranaut Once Again Demands An Apology From Hrithik Roshan, A New Publicity Stunt?


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut once again speaks up about her tiff with Hrithik Roshan.

Ahead of the release of her film Simran, Kangana Ranaut has once again spoken up about her ugly tiff with Hrithik Roshan. As we all know they exchanged legal notices after the actress appeared to refer to Hrithik as a ‘silly ex’ in one of her interviews. With this, explosive details from their past relationship were coming out in the open.

Their spat took another turn when emails allegedly sent by Kangana to Hrithik were sent out to media and cyber cell to prove that it was a one-sided affair between the two. Hrithik submitted those emails to the cops along with a police complaint against Kangana for mentally harassing him.

For instance, there was a mail sent by the actress to Hrithik, with a bare picture of herself, in which she had written: “This is what is waiting for you the first time we are together”. Another email sent on October 4, 2014 shows that Hrithik didn’t indulge her or the mails: “..I get up in the morning and first thing I google you. Try to find one new picture, one new interview, any news to start my day. I hope this routine ends soon and instead of googling you I could make a call to you hear your voice talk to you and start my day (sic)…” In another mail sent on September 3, 2014, she writes that he didn’t answer her call: “Its just that its too hard to be sending these mails and never hearing anything back (sic)” , and in yet another sent on August 17, 2014, “Why don’t you ever talk to me?”

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Now Kangana speaks again. Kangana is soon going to be seen with TV anchor Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. The channel recently released promo where she can be seen talking about the mental problems she suffered during the whole controversy with Hrithik Roshan.

In the 40-second promo, Kangana demands an apology from Hrithik Roshan and also speaks about how people went on to Google her leaked emails, which affected her emotionally and mentally.

I have suffered so much of humiliation… it’s incalculable. I wept all night. I couldn’t sleep. The stress, the trauma, mental trauma, emotional trauma…” she is seen saying.

There were speculations that Sussanne walked out of Hrithik’s life because she was in love with Arjun Rampal. While some even reported that the reason for their divorce is Hrithik’s extra marital affairs with other actresses. As their divorce got settled, Kangana’s episode brought back Hrithik in news for all the wrong reasons.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Hrithik reacts to this new drama of Kangana Ranaut. What do you think of Kangana Ranaut’s this tactics to promote her upcoming film Simran? Share your views in the comments section below.