Kangana Ranaut Refutes In Foul Play In Any Real Estate Brokerage


Being in the showbiz can have its own downside. The recent case that Kangana Ranaut got dragged into is a testimonial of that. The reigning Queen of Bollywood bought a bungalow in September 2017 and the broker who sold the property is now looking at means to extract more money out of her.

The property in question is located in upmarket Pali Hill and has a total area of 3,075 sq ft. Ranaut paid Rs 1.03 crore as stamp duty. Along with the bungalow, the actor has also got a 565 sq ft car parking space. Even after paying the full amount, and breakage fees, the real estate broker is looking at extracting more from the actress.

With this intention of extracting publicity, the real estate broker is claiming that his due was not paid.
However, that is not the case. As per the industry norms, 1 percent brokerage fees are paid to the real estate agency and the said amount of Rs 22 lakh was already cleared by her finance team. The broker now, however, is claiming that he wants 2 percent of the deal.

On contacting Kangana Ranaut says I paid the agency who did the Bangalow deal for me one percent brokerage which adds to 22 lakhs, their dues have been paid many months ago. The said person is one of the brokers who offered this deal to me. My finance team never dealt with him directly but now he is harassing us for 22 lakhs more he is claiming 2 percent of the transaction made from my end which was never promised to him before or after the deal so this doesn’t make sense and we have made it clear to the cops as well, as we have all the evidence .”