Kangana Ranaut And Her Sister Rangoli Share Their Struggle To Cope Up With Acid Attack


Kangana-&-Rangoli[tps_footer]Kangana Ranaut, who is enjoying the current status of Queen in the B-Town and has given back to back hits is not just a strong and versatile actor but she is also an amazing human being and knows how to extend her support to her loved ones especially her sister Rangoli. She suffered the trauma of acid attack and survived it strongly. Entire family suffered the pain of this unfortunate event. And here is how Kangana is explaining in her words the pain and difficulties they faced to cope up, “I wanted her to come out and speak about this. Because when she was struggling, looking for hope, I didn’t know whose example to show her. We don’t glorify the right heroes. And I want men to know how far people stoop in aggression. We need to tell our children that one who does such things is not our hero. Hero is the onewho survives blame, rejection and ruthlessness. People should give my sister the credit she deserves. There is no reservation for attack victims. There are reservations for physically able people but those ostracized for no fault of theirs have no one championing for their cause. The guy who did this to my sister was out for two years before his trial started. Our society should see what criminals are capable of and set an example that no one takes this route of destroying someone’s life. Her life is not ruined but he is a scumbag and that should come across.”


Soon Kangana‘s sister Rangoli joined in and said about the excruciating pain she went through after acid attack and the psychological issues she faced and the way she had to strive hard to get back her self confidence and self esteem,

Acid permeates into the skin if untreated. So immediate medical help can only control it. If it is stronger, it destroys your organs. I have lost one ear. I have lost 90% vision in one of my eyes. I have a dysfunctional breast. And all this is after I got the best possible treatment in the country. Acid attack is not a regular accident. When it happened, I was unable to breathe because my windpipe was shrinking. Scars were the last thing on my mind then. I didn’t have the courage to face a mirror for three months. I was shaken up. My prerogative was struggling for my life because both my food and wind pipe were severely damaged. I was in the hospital for a month and I underwent multiple surgeries during that time. Everyday I was taken to the operation theatre for something or the other.


It’s painful to even read all of this what Rangoli, Kangana and their family had to go through together. Kangana even mentions that her parents would faint every time they looked at Rangoli and they couldn’t bare it. She asked her parents to go back to native and let Rangoli be here in Mumbai with her and get the best of treatments available but these best of doctors, treatments couldn’t reduce the pain Rangoli felt by going through 57 surgeries, yes you read it right, 57 surgeries !! Rangoli said, “Plastic surgery is not so easy. It doesn’t give you a new face. I had to get skin from thighs and get grafting done. It took 57 surgeries. The physical pain was excruciating and at 23 the mental trauma was painful. Kangana was a struggler back then but she brought me here. My parents couldn’t bear seeing at me in that scene then.”

It’s sad to know about such heart breaking incidents to happen. Shame on the ones who commit such heinous acts and should be kept behind bars to keep the other people safe from such heartless criminals. It’s so dreadful to read it all and this brave heart Rangoli went through it and Kangana stood by her just like a mother would.

We wish them the best always ! Rangoli stay strong ! Girl you are inspiring all the people in this world who have gone through bad incidents in their lives and are coping up. Kangana you deserve to called as a best sister in the world and not just a mind blowing performer.[/tps_footer]