Kangana Ranaut Has Something To Say About Deepika Padukone’s Fashion


Kangana Ranaut does not mince her words which lands her in controversies of different extent every now and then. Now, this time she has decided to give her piece of mind to Deepika Padukone about fashion and designer labels.

This comes in relation to Deepika Padukone being criticized by global media for her choice of dress – a swamp green ensemble by Monisha Jaising at the European Music Awards held in Rotterdam last month. Deepika made a comeback on the red carpet donning attire by the same designer in Dubai. It gathered a mixed response too. Most people said she played it safe.

Kangana is all set to walk the ramp for designer Manish Arora. When asked about what her thoughts are on this, she said, “What’s embarrassing about labels? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When you are out and about in show business, you can’t please everyone. It’s not a big deal what the style police says. I don’t care what people say; that’s the attitude to have. If I fail, no one feels worse than me. I don’t have to react to what others say about my life.”

Trust Kangana to come to support in the most unexpected ways and people.

Also, in her earlier days in B-Town, Kangana was also criticized for her choice of clothes. But she has come a long way from there. Now, she often turns out better than most actresses and is credited with carrying off luxury brands with élan.

As I evolved, I saw a drastic change in what I wore. I laugh when I see pictures of myself in fishnet stockings and shorts. We assess our choices from the past; I’m no different. It’s more embarrassing for actors since the proof is up on Google for posterity!” she acknowledges and takes criticism in a stride.

Talking about failure being a part of life and should be taken in a positive way and move on, she said, “When ‘Katti Batti’ (2015) flopped, everyone drew out their daggers. Some of my films have flopped, and they will in future too. But you can’t embarrass me for what I am not ashamed of. When you fail, whether it’s because of a fashion blunder, film or relationship, there is a lesson to learn.”

Spoken like a star, hasn’t she?