Kangana Ranaut’s Lawyer Slams Hrithik Roshan For Leaking Emails!


Hrithik-Roshan-Kanagana-Ranaut-Lawyer[tps_footer]From accusing each other through legal notices to sending court summons, Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan‘s ex-relationship is going nasty with each passing day. While people are expecting that the two will personally settle down the matter, there comes another new shocking twist in their controversy.

While Kangana Ranaut was about to record her official statement with the cyber police on April 30, but before that, leaked email conversations of the two actors have come out. Hrithik had registered an FIR against an imposter who was communicating with his friends from a fake email ID. The actor came to know about these emails when Kangana spoke to him in 2014. Alos, Hrithik had recently submitted some emails to the cyber police in order to help in the probe and well, the email conversation of the two are out now.


Now that the email conversations have leaked out, Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has reacted to it saying that the content is totally fabricated. He told TOI, “Kangana has alleged that he (Hrithik) was continuously hacking her email accounts, due to which she was forced to shut and abandon her two primary email accounts more than eight months ago. Hrithik has still not replied to my counter notice sent over 50 days ago. His FIR was filed later. It is thus apparent that the emails that Hrithik is referring to, in all probability, are not genuine. In any event, my client is bold enough to admit and accept the emails, which were genuinely communicated to Hrithik on his correct email ID, only once she verifies the contents of the same. Until such verification, any such email should be treated as fabricated.”

Well, the whole case is getting uglier day by day and here are some emails that Kangana had written to Hrithik Roshan:

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