Kangana Ranaut’s New Leaked Possessive Emails For Hrithik Roshan Are Shocking!


Kangana-Ranaut-Hrithik-ROshan-[tps_footer]Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had many ups and downs in life and one of many was her secret relationship with Hrithik Roshan, which has become a talk of the town now. The recent revelation of their secret relationship has set the media abuzz.  While the two were hitting back each other with legal notices, we were surprised with another big shocking twist that came out to media recently.


The controversy between the two turned most nasty when Hrithik Roshan leaked some shocking emails that were sent by Kangana Ranaut. While Kangana’s lawyer claimed that these emails are not reliable, here come another new emails that show the actress was madly in love with Hrithik though he never responded to the emails.


Here are some leaked emails and screenshots that showcase the ‘Queen‘ actress had hosted a special religious ‘pooja’ and ‘havan’ for the success of Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Bang Bang‘. Clad in a red sari, the pictures show the actress performing a havan and below the ‘havan kundh,’ one can notice ‘Bang Bang‘ poster also. Also, the subject of the email reads, “Bang Bang ki Jai Ho.” The other picture shows a big hoarding of Hrithik that was reportedly clicked by Kangana and sent to the actor with a subject, “I am ready”.

Not only that, one of the mail shows that the actress was very much possessive about Hrithik. The mail reads, “Aur jin ladkiyon ko parties mein kiss karke ya kamar mein haath daalke photo khicha raha hai tu, kya samajhta hai hero ban gaya? Yeh ladkiyan public property hai. Yeh tujhe kya, mujhe bhi de dengi. Zyada excited mat ho. Yakeen nahin hai to shart laga le.”

Well, after much of leaked emails, Kangana claims that Hrithik had hacked her account. We surely have nothing to react on the same and leave it up all to the readers to decide.[/tps_footer]