Here Is Why Kapil Sharma Had Cut Off Himself From Social Media

Kapil Sharma socially announced that he wasn’t hiding after the Sunil Grover controversy

After taking up the headlines since weeks, Kapil Sharma was reportedly offline, even during his birthday and all of this followed after the Sunil Grover controversy, which simply meant the comedian was up to no good and wanted to hide. But he broke the silence when he took it to twitter.

Looks like he didn’t give a damn about Sunil Grover’s controversy because he was just busy doing his things. He posted on twitter about the mini-escape he had from Internet and everyone else.

Kapil Sharma, tweeted, ‘Thank u all for ur love n best wishes.. shooting in forests of Rajasthan .. so couldn’t come on line.. love always..stay happy.’ Now this shows that Kapil was having a nice time shooting for his new movie in the forests. It wasn’t a plan to hide from media.

The 36-year old Comedian had a nice time on his birthday between the bushes and has socially thanked all his fans for their love, support and warm wishes. He is going to come up with a new movie, ‘Firangi.’ Now we can’t say if this was for the shooting of Firangi or something else. Maybe, a new movie. His second new movie for the year.. maybe!

P.S. Kapil Sharma wasn’t hiding after the Sunil Grover controversy. That was all folks.

But we’re here to serve you what comes next. So stay tuned!


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