Karan Johar Has Shocking Revelations Of Getting Botoxed And More!


Karan Johar is back with his talk show, Koffee with Karan which is full of gossip and controversies. Just like his he expects his guests on the talk show be open and have no filter, he too abides by the rules.

In the new promo of season 5, the director producer reveals about his botox treatment! Yes!! He said, “I have got botoxed, I have put collagen on my forehead and adjusted my nose, I have done whatever everyone does in my industry.” He also revealed that there are new additions to the popular rapid fire round as it brings out the best and sometimes the worst (remember the infamous Alia Bhatt’s Prithviraj Chauhan blooper!) But he adds with a straight face, “Nothing really changes in this show as you know because you (the people) don’t allow new celebrities to walk into the industry.” Ouch!

He politely reminds everyone who holds the reins of his horses and says, “The set is black-and-white, just like a zebra is, but you can’t cross over.

In an earlier promo, Karan Johar promised us that while we may know the faces of the celebs that will brace the couch on the show, but there are newer aspects to them that he will open for us. Sounds fun and exciting, right?

As it’s widely known, the premier of the season 5 will see Shah rukh Khan and his Dear Zindagi co-star, Alia Bhatt bracing the couch. The two are considered very close to the host and seems like they had a blast while shooting the episode. Earlier there were reports of Fawad Khan being one of the guests on the opening day. But with the recent controversies and ban on Pakistani artistes, KJo and the makers of the show thought it was in the best interest of the show to avoid it and had Dear Zindagi stars on the show instead.

The show will air on Star World and Star World HD at 9 pm starting November 6. There are little birdies that tell us, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor will come together for an episode too. That’s a bromance trio to look forward too!

But Karan and botox, what do think??

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