Kareena Kapoor Khan Finally REACTS On Son Taimur’s Viral Picture


Recently, many fans aww’d and adored Taimur Ali Khan, son of actress Kareena Kapoor and Nawab Saif Ali Khan. A close-up picture of the baby’s face was visible all over social media and although the audience welcomed it happily, it is rumored that Kareena Kapoor asked Saif why he put the picture on Whatsapp.

To this, he replied saying “its ok, I cannot hide him for the whole life“.

However, he soon took down the picture but it was too late.

Taimur was born on 20th December 2016. Bebo proudly said that Taimur is the most beautiful baby, and with his light eyes and chubby cheeks, its difficult to contradict her.

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Although she went through it beautifully, Bebo says she wanted to have a normal pregnancy. “I do not want to pretend. I enjoyed that phase” were her remarks.

Taimur Ali Khan has gone viral previously due to his name. It was a controversy that had risen up because it was also the name of a Mughal ruler.

But this time it was ignored and the only thing in focus was *in Poo style* good looks, good looks, and good looks.

This one and a half-month-old baby is already constantly breaking news and a celebrity in the making!