Katrina Kaif Finally Gets Ranbir Kapoor Out Of Her Mind!


As we all know before their break-up, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, the two much in love couple lived together at their Penthouse on Cater road, Bandra. But apparently, after the break-up, Ranbir moved with his parents while Katrina still lived in their Bandra penthouse. Later, Ranbir Kapoor again shifted to his new house at Wilson Apartments on Hill Road in Bandra where he threw a small party for his friends from the industry.

The actor did not stop there, he kept shifting from one house to another post-breakup. Currently, the actor is living with his grandmother, as his new house is under renovation and is expected to be ready by October this year.

While Ranbir moved out of their love nest, Katrina Kaif continued staying at the sea-facing love pad, which she shared with her beau. According to reports, Katrina Kaif has finally MOVED OUT of their love pad and is back to one of her first homes in the Maximum City, Bandra. The apartment was under renovation since the last three months. Reportedly, the actress started shifting her belongings from last 15 days.

Well, it seems Katrina Kaif has finally moved on from her past as well as the memories that she was living with at Bandra love pad, which she shared with estranged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor for Two years!


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