Katrina Kaif Is Not Looking For A New House, Here Is What She’s Upto!

katrina-kaif-airport-3ina [tps_footer]After the rumoured splits between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif both of them are craving for privacy and are waiting to go ahead in their separate lives and focus just on their respective careers. But everything and anything about them is making news and whatever happens in their personal lives or professional, it just comes back to their break up news. It’s hard to avoid any kind of rumours and speculations at this moment for both Katrina and Ranbir.


Recently, it was reported that Ranbir Kapoor left an event after knowing that Salman Khan has arrived in the same event and just to avoid coming face to face, he left the party first. No confirmation on this news either just like the news that Katrina Kaif is looking for a new home and wants to leave her love nest that she lived in with Ranbir Kapoor.

But the truth is, Katrina is searching for a new house, but she is not looking for a house for herself, but for her celebrity manager Reshma, who is looking for a better place to move in. Katrina is actually helping her manager to find a good and cozy home, not for herself. Katrina already moved out of their love nest and started staying in her old apartment in Guldev Sagar.


We hope the rumours and unnecessary speculations about Katrina searching for a new home and Salman supporting her in finding a new house and Ranbir Kapoor playing hide and seek with Salman Khan and media, ends soon. They all are busy focusing on their own career than to be depressed about separations.[/tps_footer]