Sajid Nadiadala And Salman Khan: From Jeet To Kick

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Salman-Sajid-07[tps_footer]Salman Khan has many followers. He is loved by plenty of people. Many people even take advantage of his hold on the industry to further their career here. But this man swears by only a few around him. If it isn’t his family, he relies heavily on Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer and director of his upcoming Eid flick Kick. He even accepts that he has given maximum hits with Sajid. That made us chronicle his good filmi times with Sajid.


It all began with Jeet. Salman in those days was the dashing actor whose smile was enough to light up the whole theatre. The role of a foreign returned guy in deep love with Karisma Kapoor in the film was immensely likeable. In fact, the film gave Sunny Deol his favourite Yaara O Yaara step that’s a legend now. ‘De diya na jhatka’ was Salman’s catchphrase in the film which caught up real fast when the film released.

As the name suggests, there were two Salman Khans to heighten the proceedings of film. Both the characters were starkly different. While one was a tapori, the other one was suave foreign returned gentleman who is anything but desi at heart. A lot of fighting, a few banal one-liners and some really catchy tunes, Judwaa was one of a kind film. A remake was supposedly in the pipeline but now it seems that is a goner already.

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge
A typical Sajid Nadiadwala endorsed brand of comedy, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge had two of the unlikeliest heroes slogging it out for one maiden. Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan were seen fighting over Priyanka Chopra’s affection which made for very interesting watch. It was amusing to see how Salman Khan’s infamous anger issues were attributed to his character. He even had a different look in the film which picked up fast.

Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega
It was the reverse of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Two fair maidens Priety Zinta and Rani Mukherjee pining for the same guy Salman Khan, only in much civilized manner. The film has some of the best songs of that decade. Salman looked fascinatingly handsome in the film which made many more girls swoon over him. The film also ended with Rani finding her raja in our Rahul or Shah Rukh Khan. Well, those were the days when Shahrukh and Salman were ‘jigree dost’.

People are still arguing whether or not to like Jaane e Maan. It is difficult to dislike it and is also difficult to ignore it. A nearly nerdy Akshay Kumar and a supremely over confident Salman Khan seemed amazing in the film. The plot was drab and situations unfunny, but Salman really excelled well as the man who realizes his biggest mistake.

Salman Khan is trying to make people believe that they will get a Kick out of their life by watching his latest offering. The action scenes are really fascinating and so are the songs. Given it’s likeliness with Dhoom 3, we aren’t sure what new is the actor offering in this film. Hopefully, on July 25 we will know better.[/tps_footer]