Kriti Row: Shirish Kunder Calls Himself Unsuccessful!



[tps_footer]’Kriti’ a short film made by Shirish Kunder has landed up in an unwanted trouble. The issue of plagiarism has got so serious that the film was removed from Youtube over claims of being copied from a movie titled BOB made by Anil Neupane. Today, a press conference was held where Shirish Kunder and Manoj Bajpayee interacted with media about the same.

When asked about the controversy Shirish said, only three people are attacking them. One is Nepal citizens. It is natural because they don’t know the truth. The other are trolls. They can also be ignored because that is what they do. Third is media. He further added when the film was made public in May, then how can they possibly copy the film.

He has been working on it for 9 months and not only that, he has worked on the script for one year. Shirish added that he is really not happy about this whole issue. He said he doesn’t know why such allegations are made against him since according to him, he is not even a successful person. Why is everyone bringing him low?

All we can say is that the decision on this should be made soon so that the short film is again released on social media.[/tps_footer]