Exposed! Rahul Raj Singh Celebrated His Birthday After Pratyusha Banerjee’s Suicide


It’s known to all Rahul Raj Singh was booked for abetment of his girlfriend and popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide. Well, since then he has come up with some fake stories one after another. He has been in the news for duping people by lying about his health or by making friends for money. Late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh is in the middle of a fresh controversy.

In a recent interview, TV actress Varsha Bhagwani, who claims herself to be Rahul’s best friend at one time, exposes Rahul like never before. In an interview with, Varsha, who was earlier dating married TV actor Mrunal Jain, opened up about how Rahul cheated at her. She also revealed that Rahul celebrated his birthday after Pratyusha passed away.

Varsha started off revealing how she met Rahul Raj Singh. She said, “No, I only knew Pratyusha. I met Rahul through a mutual friend only after Pratyusha passed away. We went to party at Trilogy and he said that feels a certain connect with me.”

When further asked if she knew him well, Varsha added, “Yes, I knew of him. Ek raat he had done some paise ka jhol and the cops had gone to his place. That time, Pratyusha was alive and I had just parted ways with Mrunal Jain.”

Varsha went on to reveal about how she met him. Varsha Bhagwani during the same interview says, “A girl called Jazz turned up and started attacking me. She was extremely flustered that Rahul was spending time with me. Jazz is the same girl who was with Pratyusha on the same night when Pratyusha hung herself. After the party, Rahul and I went to my place and chilled out for some time. Rahul and I started meeting every day. I had developed an emotional soft corner for him. We celebrated his birthday on May 29, 2016 at Sahila’s place in the night, after which he was with me at my house from 7 am to 12 noon. Mind you, he lied to the media that he did not celebrate his birthday as Pratyusha had died.”

The TV actress also continued revealing on how she was being cheated. After a few days, a girl called Heer Patel called me and told me a lot of things about Rahul. When I confronted him, he abused me. I abused him back. After that, he came to my building with Sahila and created a scene. I filed a NC against him in Oshiwara Police Station.

We stopped talking after that. Suddenly, one day he called me and said he is in Kodaikanal and trying to beat stress. I was in Addiction, a club in Versova. As soon as I came out, I saw he was there to pick up one of my friends! Imagine my horror! And before I could recover, he almost ran his car over me, my knee got hurt and I again filed a NC against him, this time in Versova Police station.”

When further asked why is she revealing and exposing Rahul Raj Singh now. Varsha confessed, “I am sorry Pratyusha for being quiet for more than a year. I was scared of my name getting spoiled but now I realise that Rahul’s real face needs to be exposed. He is manipulating Sahila (Chadha) ma’am as well. I really respect her and her husband Nimay Bali. They are like my guardians and Rahul doesn’t deserve anyone around.

I was Rahul’s best friend and he did the same with me. I was so frustrated because of him but Pratyusha’s mother, Soma aunty, proved to be a great support. Meanwhile, Kamya Punjabi and Neerusha (who made the short film Hum Kuch Keh Na Sake which was said to be on Pratyusha) counselled me, else I would have been another Pratyusha, not in love but in friendship.”