Leaked Photos: Anushka Sharma Leaves Sultan Shoot, Meets Virat Kohli Secretly After Match!

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[tps_footer]The handsome hunk and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has entertained, made us laugh and has equally made us feel proud of his stunning performance during the journey of ICC T20 World Cup 2016. But it was a disappointment for the entire country and team India as they lost semi-final match against West Indies that took place in Mumbai on March 31.


Nevertheless, the entire country was proud of Virat Kohli‘s performance and was in praises on how he came out strong during the crucial moments of team India. Well, the happiest thing is India’s defeat against West Indies turned to be an advantage for Virat Kohli, as his ladylove Anushka Sharma met him yesterday.

Yes, you read that right! After knowing Virat is disappointed and upset on team India losing semi-final match, Anushka Sharma immediately visited Virat at his residence. The actress who was busy with the shooting of her upcoming film took some time off to meet Virat and cheer him up.


Virat and Anushka‘s alleged break-up had become a talk of the town, but this recent piece of news will surely give many fans a chance to rejoice. So, all’s well between Anushka and Virat now? Well, we all know Anushka has always been Virat‘s strength and has helped him grow in his career. We hope Anushka Sharma‘s presence will bring back many smiles for Virat once again.

Okay, guys hold on! We wish this piece of news was actually true but well it’s not! This is not something that happened neither they met each other! Well, this was our little try to bring smiles for our readers on April Fools’ Day and we hope we were successful in doing that.

This feature is purely meant for fun and entertainment purposes so let’s take this in a good spirit, no intention of hurting anyone![/tps_footer]