What Made Richa Chadha Leave An Event Fuming?


Richa Chadha is currently shooting for the most awaited sequel of 2017, Fukrey Returns and we all are eagerly waiting for it to come on the big screens later this year. In India, we have a huge fan following for cinema and the celebrities on screen. Celebrity worship is a major phenomena where we a frenzied crowd without realizing can something get unruly.

There have been many incidents where fans try to breach the security or try to break rules and tend to hurt their own favorite stars. Recently a victim of such a scenario was Richa Chadha who was in Jaipur for a promotional event for a leading jewelry brand which she was invited for. What started as a peaceful event soon became a ruckus as people soon realized the presence of a celebrity in the vicinity.

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Richa had already expressed concern over the lack of security but having committed to the event she continued with her appearance. But as the crowd increased, she soon had to request the organizers to look into it. Minutes later, shouts of the crowd concerned Richa and her request wasn’t taken seriously leaving her fuming. Richa handed the mic to the host and stormed from the venue amidst the presence of her team.

“I was extremely confused at the event. And kept telling the organizers to look into the security, which initially was none at all. The venue was in midst of crowded areas. They managed to get 1 or 2 people but that wasn’t enough because soon crowd started to pour outside the venue and things became awkward and not comfortable for me. I had committed to the organizers thus I stood by my word but my requests weren’t taken seriously which came from a place of concern. I ultimately left the venue because that was necessary”, says Richa Chadha.