What Made Shweta Tripathi Cry On The Sets Of The Trip?


Masan actress Shweta Tripathi who we also know as Zenia Khan from the Disney TV series Kya mast hai life is again going to be seen with a new series with Disney.

We have always seen Shweta as this simple, cute and a girl next door but not she is going to show us a new avatar yet again with coming up with Disney’s new series The Trip.

She plays a happy glamorous rich girl who is the to be bride.

While there are only girls in the cast most of the time, we are sure they must have had the time of their life enjoying exploring places.

Sources reveal that Shweta Tripathi and Mallika were the most notorious girls on the set, one of the incidents shared by Shweta will definitely make you laugh.

Where Shweta Tripathi plays a sweet prank on Mallika, she wakes Mallika every day for the shoot so one middle of the night Shweta wakes Mallika up saying its morning and poor Mallika gets all ready with all makeup and dressed up and she doesn’t realize as the rooms had dark curtains.

As she comes out Shweta Tripathi laughs her heart out so much so that tears rolled out, poor Mallika got all angry but Shweta was prepared to make her smile again with her favorite sticky rice with mango.

Such a sweet memory this is, we wonder this was just one incident and how many such sweet memories are these girls carrying.

We are super excited for this new series to come out to see how much fun they had during the shoot.

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