After Madonna And Beyonce, Shahid Kapoor Rocks It


Shahid Kapoor 1Shahid Kapoor recently performed in London on songs from his films, R…Rajkumar and Phata Poster Nikla Hero which are extremely popular because of their peppy music and the interesting grooves.

The actor got massive response there in terms of the audiences. The performance took place at ​the ​O2 arena, which is one of the biggest stadiums there.

The entire ​arena ​was packed with Shahid’s fans. There were about ​20,​000 people cheering and hooting while Shahid gave a power packed performance on stage.

Usually it is only the mainstream performers like ​Madonna​ and Beyonce who are able to pull ​in ​that much crowd. But going by Shahid Kapoor’s popularity even there, this was not really a surprising turnout.

Shahid Kapoor was absolutely thrilled to perform there and it was a wonderful experience for the actor as well as his fans.

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Aamir Khan 2