Makers Credit The Original Writer Of ‘Ladoo’ And Apologize To Friday Filmworks


Sameer and Kishore Sadhwani, the makers of the short film Ladoo give credit to the original writer Pankaj Chaturvedi.

The controversy around short film Ladoo rests as the makers state that the case of sheer negligence.

Sameer & Kishore Sadhwani have stated that they met the writer Pankaj Chaturvedi back in 2013 and he had shared the script of the story with them. Sameer& Kishore Sadhwani recently progressed on the script of Ladoo and finally released the film on Jan 31st2019.

From 2013 to 2019 on account of the huge time gap and lag in communication between Kishore/Sameer and Pankaj, the original credits got skipped unintentionally. As soon as the same was brought to notice, Friday Filmworks acknowledged this case and immediately and asked Sameer and Kishore Sadhwani to credit to Pankaj Chaturvedi as the Original writer.

Ladoo revolves around the topic of religion, focusing more on similarities between Allah & God, in a very effective manner.

The director duo Sameer and Kishore Sadhwani have come forward and expressed their thought, “It’s a clear case of negligence on our part.

We met Pankaj Chaturvedi in 2013 when we heard the script from him and we loved it immediately but never had a chance to meet Pankaj after that. Recently we revisited the idea of this script and thought of making it and because of the huge gap, unfortunately, did not realize to keep Pankaj in the loop while developing the same.

We are more than happy to give Pankaj his credit and we are absolutely sorry that we unknowingly skipped his name from the credits list as the original writer.

We would also like to apologize to Friday Filmworks as they were unnecessarily dragged into the controversy for no wrongdoing of theirs and we thank them for all the support.”

Devendra Deshpande (Business Head) of Friday Filmworks also shared his views, “We as a content company take pride in giving credit where it is due and as soon as we realized that some mishap has happened we went to the root of it to get it rectified. The writer is an extremely talented person and deserves all credits”.

After the makers of the short film Ladoo have given their take upon the whole controversy, it seems that the controversy rests and the original writer of the short film Pankaj Chaturvedi also appreciates the acknowledgment shown by Friday Filmworks. Pankaj said, “Really happy that Friday Filmworks got into it immediately and rectified.

It’s embarrassing for the matter to get into ugly space. Never intended to do the same”.

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