Kangana Ranaut’s Smart Way To Avoid The Media


Kangana-Ranaut[tps_footer]Whether it’s Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional cinema or the Television industry, stars always crave for media interactions and special attention so what is making Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut stay away from media? It’s weird to see her doing this, especially, when we know how bold and fearless Kangana Ranaut is when it comes to speaking her mind and say things directly without any inhibitions and pressure. Last time, we spotted Kangana attending the screening of Kannada movie Thithi along with Swara Bhaskar, Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Deviah, Kunaal Roy Kapur and even Aamir Khan was full of praises for this regional flick. But, Kangana looked tired and unpleasant at the event and she refused to interact with the media.

Usually after a screening, artists share their opinions and views about the movie they have watched but Kangana Ranaut was not in a mood for this and she didn’t even wait to answer the questions from various people in media. In fact, Kangana stopped the media and she said she will come back later to answer their questions after the screening of Thithi but she left the venue immediately after the screening was done, leaving everyone wondering the reason behind her behaviour. Everyone around was excited to see Kangana at the screening but the way she tossed the media was not acceptable and she didn’t had to lie about coming back to interact with media when she had already decided to leave the place as soon as the screening was done. It’s difficult to understand our stars and their strategies to avoid media, but they never avoid us during their own film promotions.

We hope next time we will see Kangana Ranaut in her fun and bindaas mood and we hope she will have enough of time to interact with the media especially about her upcoming flick Rangoon.[/tps_footer]