The Man Of The Year, Prabhas Keeps A Low Profile


Prabhas’s super successful stint with the Baahubali saga would have made him the Man of the Year for sure, but the star maintains his natural low profile.

People who have been close to Prabhas are well aware of his shy nature. The simple guy generally likes to keep a low profile, even after creating history.

While the whole nation and even people abroad have been watching every movement of the star and singing constant praises of him and his phenomenal work, the actor has been just quietly soaking in all the love and adulation for his work.

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We have heard people around say that if it was any other actor, after such a mammoth of a success, would have gone all out with press interviews, doing back to back brand signings and shoots, attending multiple events, being highly visible, but Prabhas has done none of that due to his nature.

He has just quietly been preparing for his next film, Saaho, putting all his energies into that.

The only thing he did for himself was that he took a long break which was well deserved after 4 – 5 years of commitment to the film.

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