Manisha Koirala Launched Social Networking Site


Manisha-Cover-Pic [tps_footer]Now-a-day in this busy life, people are using the social networking websites to connect and reach out to their friends and people known to them. But the biggest problem is that people have to log on to various different websites to connect to the people they want to connect to.

They have to log on to a different website every time they want to send a birthday card, share a video or a message. To give a solution to this problem, Sagoon and Company has launched a new website which is a one stop solution to all such problems people face in this busy life. We are glad to announce that the famous Bollywood actress, Manisha Koirala inaugurated the launch of this website in the esteemed Hyatt hotel on Saturday in the National capital, New Delhi.

Sagoon and Company organised their launch party for their website in the Hyatt hotel and celebrated their innovative endeavour. Manisha Koirala, who was the chief guest for the event and also the brand ambassador for Sagoon and Company was there throughout the launch party. When asked to her, what does she think about the social networking phenomenon designed by Sagoon and Company; she replied very enthusiastically that she is not only the brand ambassador of this innovative project but also is the used of this website. She believes that this website is a very good project to connect each one very easily and conveniently to the friends and relatives across the globe. She also added that she is now able to chat with her people, send wishes to her friends and relatives and also do a lot more at one place with this website.

On this occasion, the proud owner, chairperson and creator of this website Mr. Govinda Giri expressed his heartfelt views that this website is an outcome of six years of constant hard work and diligence. A team which consisted of Kevin Sithola, Swati Dayal, Yasir Nazar, Nukul Ghosh and many more members contributed diligently to put this innovative endeavour together. If we see, literally this team is the owner of this website says the chairperson, Mr. Govinda Giri. This website has also been launched in United States of America. He also added that this is just the beginning and they plan to sustain and launch many more such innovative and useful endeavours for the convenience of the general public. The event turned out to be a huge success and also a proud moment for the members of Sagoon and company for the effort they had put in.

Manisha Koirala also launched Sagoon Inc’s ‘Secret’ app recently, and said: “We were not aware of the great minds we had who were capable of building such an amazing product…I believe that this app will help people develop strong bonds with family and friends, and lots more. I love this product and encourage everyone to use it.”[/tps_footer]