Mashoor Gulati AKA Sunil Grover’s Comedy Clinic Burned The Stage In Delhi!


Fans gave their hearts out to Sunil Grover in Delhi during his first show.

After boycotting The Kapil Sharma Show, Sunil Grover quickly made plans to do live shows in the old and new Delhi. He moved on with his fight over Kapil and prepared for his live blasts addressing the Delhi public.

Not giving a damn to Kapil’s publically apologized tweet, Sunil Grover performed live in Delhi on Saturday, it was his first live show and he got a response that was way too good.

The show was housefull! People had a heartily laughter and loved him on the stage. Well you really don’t need recognition from any TV Show Sunil Grover, you are a show on your own. Sources say that people laughed like nuts and that’s just what a comedian is supposed to do.

Reporters, post his performance asked him about the experience he had for which he says, “I am overwhelmed with everyone’s love and support. I want to thank them for taking out time for our show. I feel that love is ultimate because everything comes and goes but love will remain forever.”

Well you’re right Sunil. People went crazy behind ‘Doctor Gulati’ and thanks to Kiku Sharda AKA ,’Guthi’ for supporting you on stage.  You’ll rock it guys.

Later he was asked about his personal favourite between Guthi and Doctor Gulati, Sunil replied: “I love observing human behaviour and this is something that I never get bored of. I am not an interesting person in real life. But when I start becoming someone else, it becomes interesting for me.”

The questionnaire round ended by asking Taneja about the planning of the show, wether it was pre-planned or scheduled after boycotting The Kapil Sharma Show? Taneja said, “The reason behind the show is that I wanted to do something that had never been done in Delhi before, something different and something everyone would love. There is nothing against Kapil but I have done a lot of shows with Sunil and Kiku. They happen to be my favourite artists.”

Now it all sums up to the fact that Sunil Grover surely doesn’t need someone’s platform. He can make his own and has made one on Saturday. All the good luck in this world and warm wishes to Sunil Grover.