Masrat Rafiq The Kashmiri Diva, Breaking The Stereo Types Of North Indian Women

Masrat Rafiq

Coming from the land of heaven Masrat Rafiq, breaking the stereo types for the North Indian women has paved way to a number of opportunities penetrating therein.

Struggling due to the society in order to achieve her dreams Masrat, who is born and grown up in Delhi studied cosmetics taking a step forward to conquer her dreams.

Studying from a well renowned international institution in Delhi Masrat took up cosmetic studies full time along with persuading interior architecture. Making it on the top Masrat is considered to be one of the leading cosmetic pro in today’s market.

When asked about the same Masrat says ‘it was always important for me to achieve my dreams irrespective of the society who tried to pull me down. Never the less whenever someone tries to rise in life there’ll always going to be people to pull the persons leg but it’s up to us how to go ahead and achieve our goals’

Masrat Rafiq has her own make up and beauty institute in Kashmir naming ‘Masrat Makeovers – academy & studio ‘, believing that as it’s difficult for women in Kashmir to travel back and forth in order to learn make up this institute will provide a push to many. Masrat also has a number of bollywood star studded projects in the pipeline that will be coming out sooner this year.

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