Why Is Media After Rani Mukerji’s Pregnancy?

rani mukerji pregnantIt’s funny how a section of the media is hell bent on proving that Rani Mukerji is pregnant. It’s as if all they can come up with is the news about Rani’s future child. The actress repeatedly said that when she bears a child, she will make it known to everyone. Well, we think we know the reason why everyone is after her child, which may or may not be in the offing.

Rani in a recent interview confessed that she dated Aditya Chopra for three years after he divorced his first wife. But the rumours of her involvement with YRF head honcho have been hitting the marquee since forever now. Whenever she was asked about the same, she evaded the question saying whenever she falls in love, she will scream out the name. That never happened. She dodged questions, photographers, hid the rock on her finger and many such things till she suddenly got married to Adi in Italy.

So you can’t really blame the press from speculating about her pregnancy. But it is important that it is done in a limited way. Incessant bombarding of pictures on the internet with Rani Mukerji’s supposed baby glow seem too in your face.

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