Meet The Indian American Mowgli To Play Jungle Book


mowgli [tps_footer]Jungle Book will soon get a Live action adaptation on screen. An Indian origin but New York based Neel Sethi will play Mowgli in the film.

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t watched junglebook. The camaraderie the human boy shared with a wolf, a panther and bear was symbolic and amazing. Anybody would love to share such camaraderie with everyone.

But we wondered who would have voiced the wolf, bear and panther properly if a Hindi film was made on the same. And then we thought for jungle book to turn into a Hindi film, there has to be certain must-haves. Here are certain attributes that a Hindi jungle book will have which will ruin our memory of the story.

– A sad saga on how the boy gets separated from his parents which will last many reels. Even if it is animation, ‘Maa’ of cinema will overpower it and all will be lost.

– The voices will be dubbed by people who presently dub south Indian and Hollywood films which means don’t be surprised to hear ‘bhidu’ and ‘kya be’ at regular intervals. If Brad Pitt can mouth that, a bear can too.

– Mowgli was a simple boy who was raised by animals. In the Hindi version, he will turn into Tarzan and become a hero.

– Song and dances will suddenly find their way into the narrative messing it all up.[/tps_footer]